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Ms. Tiao will immerse students in  the Chinese language and culture giving them a deeper understanding of the world.  Her focus is on linguistic development, vocabulary, speaking and writing .  Her  teaching strategies include song, dance, and interactive games that help children cultivate a brave and open-minded outlook.

  • Classes are held once a week for one hour.

  • Cost is $40 a month (4 classes a month).  Please make checks payable to the school.

  • $30 Annual Registration Fee (Due in August)

           Xiao Xie received her Master’s degree in Arts Management at Colorado State University.  She has seven years of experience teaching Chinese language, vocal performance, and stage performance from preschool to university levels in Colorado, Florida, and China.  In 2012, she placed second in the Dream Chorus Contest, a nationally televised Chinese singing competition.  Her unique experience as well as her compassionate and immersive teaching style provides the best environment for learning a solid foundation of the Chinese language. 

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Chinese Club Registration


Cost: $10 per class, $40 per month (average)

There is a $30 annual registration fee (due when beginning club and every August) 

*If you stop attending and then restart, another registration fee will be due.

Funds will be withdrawn each month until you withdraw your child from the club. 

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