Montessori Academies

Here at the Montessori Academies and Preparatory Schools, Our Montessori Environment is Where Children are Free to Grow and Learn

Early learning puts our students one step ahead. Children from the earliest age can absorb immense quantities of information from their environment. We invite you to observe our 3 year old students who have learned to read as a result of our specialized Reading Program.  

Our Phonetic Reading Program, Mathematics, Chinese, Spanish, Cultural Studies and experiments in Science remain some of the highlights of our curriculum. Students enjoy the production of beautiful Family Day and Honors Day Programs that aid in developing confidence and a positive self-esteem.

Our Curriculums

Students not only comprehend many complex ideas and concepts of advanced academics but also easily retain information due to our variety of approaches and a multitude of hands-on equipment. 

Our Montessori curriculum has proven to be far superior in the administration of our academics, as evidenced by an end of the year Stanford Achievement Test, taken by our Kindergarten through 5th Grade students.