Our Elementary Programs are available at these locations:

Montessori Preparatory School

 (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

11302 N. 52nd Street

Temple Terrace, FL 33617


Montessori Academy of Tampa Bay

(12 months through 5th Grade)

1901 W. Waters Avenue

​Tampa, FL  33604


Montessori Academy of Ocala

(3 months through 6th Grade)

2967 NE Silver Springs Boulevard

​Ocala, FL  34470



Welcome to our Montessori Elementary Program!

The work in the lower elementary (6-9 years) includes extensive Montessori materials, as well as other resources.

The upper elementary students (9-12 years) transition to more abstract thinking and work.


Students of elementary age have the ability to focus on in-depth research. They are able to actively engage with what interests them by conducting experiments based on scientifically formulated hypotheses, collecting and interpreting data, and presenting their results.  

Directly tied to Montessori's concept of Cosmic Education, our science curriculum exposes our students to many scientific principles. Some introductory topics include Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, and Meteorology.

More advanced studies include the Periodic Table of Elements, Atomic Structure, Photosynthesis, Mechanics, Electricity, Human Biochemistry and Biology. Other areas of studies consist of: Plants and Animals, Anatomy, and Earth Science.


We have a very effective language program in which we strive to help 

students to develop descriptive and clear writing skills, to read with fluency and comprehension, and to develop strong language skills.

Our program includes but is not limited to the following: helping students to organize ideas, understanding parts of speech, semantics, literature, poetry, drama, various genres of writing and the correct use of language.

We also include an array of language programs such as Reading Counts, Reading for Concepts, Vocabulary & Grammar Workshops, Spelling Exercises, IXL Language exercises, SRA's, as well as advanced language hands-on materials.  

At the age of six, the child moves to what Montessori calls the Second Plane of Development, which encompasses the years from 6 to 12. Our curriculum is a blend of traditional and Montessori education.

Through individual and group lessons and the use of materials, textbooks, reference materials, computers and tablets, our students flourish.

Foreign Languages

Conversational Spanish and Mandarin Chinese languages are introduced through an oral and audio-visual approach. The formation and structure of irregular words and sounds help to train and exercise vocal chords and muscles not normally used in the child's native language. Games and group exercises demonstrate common phrases, words, and songs in a foreign tongue and make their acquisition a most enjoyable activity for the children.

Art and Music Appreciation

Art is a means for our students to creatively express oneself through various media. They learn and apply elements of Art through the appreciation of the Great Masters. The different genres of music are enjoyed by the children with opportunities to experience a variety of musical instruments.

Physical Education

Physical activity is an important part of our curriculum. Regular exercise through structured playground activities, gymnastics, and sports contribute to an overall health program. Activities which emphasize the challenge of competing with oneself rather than competing with others is stressed.

Geography/Social Studies & History

Our Montessori Elementary Geography/Social Studies curriculum includes a two-fold approach: physical and cultural. Physical Geography discusses the formation of the universe and all of its physical properties. Political Geography and Cultural Geography (Social Studies) includes the study of  human society and culture.

History in our Montessori classrooms follow the development of life on earth, early civilizations and recorded World history. Through research and investigations, children make links between classical and modern civilizations.

A study of United States history includes such areas as the Westward Expansion, the Age of Industry and Invention, and all branches of the United States Government, the Constitution, symbols and more. 

A National Standard Achievement Test is administered at the end of the year to 1st through 5th-grade students. Many have ranked in the top 10% nationally, which is a testament to the success of our unique program.  

Our Montessori Elementary curriculum provides for motivation, repetition and an opportunity to really master the subject matter.  We strive to make learning easier, exciting, interesting and fun.

Below is a glimpse of the subject matters in our Elementary program.


Montessori viewed mathematics as having levels of progression which involves:  learning numbers, place values, the 4 operations, memorization of math facts and how numbers are grouped and relate to the decimal system.

The advanced materials and enrichment in our Montessori Elementary classrooms help students to better understand complex subjects such as: Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Graphing, memorization of multiplication tables, math facts, computations and more. 

Through the use of traditional and Montessori hands-on materials and programs such as: IXL Math, Xtra Math and Sunshine Math our students quickly advance with accuracy to be able to abstractly perform math equations, operations and word problems. 

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