Montessori Academies

The original Montessori Academy of Temple Terrace was opened in 1970 but has recently (in August of 2016) moved to a newly renovated school location. The newly renovated locations includes classrooms for children ages 12 months to 4 years old. It employs an internationally trained staff with Montessori Certified teachers or assistants that have been trained in overseeing the Montessori Method of working with young children. The curriculum includes exercises and materials in the following areas: Practical Life-Sensorial-Mathematics-Language-Science-Geography-History-Spanish-Chinese and more.

In addition to the above subjects, the school also features an "Early Reading Program" in which children as young as threes years old enjoy the experience of learning to read. This reading program has been used in all of our schools since 1970 and has proven to be a powerful and successful tool in exposing and helping young children learn to read with ease and confidence.

Montessori Academy of Temple Terrace