The Montessori Preparatory School opened in 1998 as a center for advanced learning. The beautiful Temple Terrace Campus serves the community with classrooms for children ages kindergarten through the 5th Grade. Student leadership and Community Programs such as Junior Achievement, as well as Book Clubs and soccer are just a few or our social activities. Character Development classes help our students to learn the necessary social and emotional skills, that make them lifelong learners among their peers.

In addition to the Montessori curriculum, students are exposed to traditional educational practices which set them up for Success as they graduate and move on to some of the best schools in the Tampa Bay Area. The advanced materials in the Montessori Elementary classrooms help students to better understand such complex subjects as: Algebra-Statistics-Graphing and more. Internationally trained and certified teachers help each child reach his/her potential in all subject areas. Practical Life - Sensorial - Mathematics - Language - Geography - Social Studies - History - Spanish - Chinese - life skills and more.

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