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Good for the brain!

Researchers have found children who are given musical training at a young age significantly improved in their spatial-temporal IQ scores (important for some types of mathematical reasoning) compared to children who received computer lessons, casual singing, or no lessons.

Tuition is based on an average of four 30-minute lessons per month. Months with five weeks are balanced against those with three weeks due to holidays. Tuition is due monthly, in advance, on the first of the month and that covers the student’s enrollment for that month or any portion of that month. If registration occurs after the 1st of
the month, tuition is prorated accordingly. A $10 late fee will be automatically assessed if the monthly tuition is payment is received after the
first of the month.

Tuition is not prorated to reflect missed lessons. A missed lesson is considered a forfeited lesson. Upon enrollment, your child’s class space and lesson time are reserved whether he/she is present or not. If the teacher misses a lesson, it will be rescheduled or credited. So that we have adequate time to fill your child’s class space, a 30-day written cancellation notice or a $49 early cancellation fee is required to withdraw from the program.

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There is a $20 annual registration fee (due when beginning club and every August) 

*If you stop attending and then restart, another registration fee will be due.

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Funds will be withdrawn each month until you withdraw your child from the club. 

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