Montessori Academies

At Montessori Academies and Preparatory Schools...

A Few Reasons to Choose Our Schools

* We promote an "I can do" attitude.  Underachievers become                      motivated, shy children become outgoing, academically advanced            students thrive and self-esteem becomes stronger.

* We see our students as a whole and attend to their physical,                      emotional interest and cognitive needs.

* There is continuity in our educational approach.  We offer                           Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary programs. 

Our students are happy!

* Our students are taught to make comparisons, form judgments,                reason, make decisions, and complete a task.

* We use textbooks, readers, workbooks, SRA's, IXL, Math, Language,        Science, and many other sources along with our Montessori materials.

* Our students are learning to speak two (2) Foreign Languages: Spanish    and Mandarin Chinese.

A recent study in the "Journal of Science" found that the majority of Montessori students were more advanced academically, socially and emotionally when compared to other children who were taught in traditional educational systems.