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Our Montessori students have been exposed to the Spanish Language since they were Toddlers and have a unique ability to master the language.  Our Spanish Club will offer your child a tremendous opportunity to put their skills to use. 

  •  Classes are held once a week for one hour.

  • Cost is $40 a month (4 classes a month).  Please make checks payable to the school.

  • $30 Annual Registration Fee (Due in August)

Designed for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of mastery, your child will immerse themselves in Spanish conversation, learn more in depth facts about the Spanish culture, and explore native Spanish music and dance.  We will explore the Spanish heritage in the state of Florida and prepare some traditional Spanish dishes to taste.

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Spanish Club Flyer

Spanish Club Registration


Cost: $10 per class, $40 per month (average)

There is a $30 annual registration fee (due when beginning club and every August) 

*If you stop attending and then restart, another registration fee will be due.

Funds will be withdrawn each month until you withdraw your child from the club. 

Please note: Orders will not be processed until payment is received

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