Whether your child loves to be on stage or sing quietly in the bath....release your child's passion to express their voice through these engaging and educational private or shared musical experiences!

Choir + Performance Classes at Montessori Academies

Group Classes are held on Thursdays from 4pm-5pm

$20 Annual Registration Fee, $40 per month

Private Student Lessons 30 minutes 

Individual Lessons are held on Wednesdays

$20 Annual Registration Fee, $100 per month

Ms. Tiao has been a professional musical performer and vocalist for more then ten years, coaching and developing singers and performers all over the world, and sharing her passion for music with everyone around her! Be sure to look her up @tiaoxie on YouTube for past performances and student recitals!

For more information, please contact Tiao directly at (720) 372-9500 or

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Vocal and Choir Club Form

Vocal and Choir Registration


There is a $20 annual registration fee (due when beginning club and every August) 

*If you stop attending and then restart, another registration fee will be due.

Funds will be withdrawn each month until you withdraw your child from the club. 

Please note: Orders will not be processed until payment is received

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