My son went to this school and he absolutely loved it. The teachers and staff were wonderful. He was there for 2 years. The teachers were so patient, loving, and caring. I absolutely love the Montessori education and all the knowledge he brought home daily.  

I recommend this school to anyone looking for a wonderful, excellent education. My son is now 4 years old and he still talks about his teachers and we visit them often. Thank you to the wonderful Montessori staff for making a difference in my sons life!

-Melissa D'Alessandro

This is the best school I have put my daughter in the staff is amazing and they have so many different activities I can sign my daughter up for and she has loved every one of them. The staff honestly cares about every student and their safety me and my husband feel blessed to have found this school.

-Elizabeth Chapman

Love these people and this space.

Its home away from home for our kids.

-Christina Richards

Yes! my 5 year old and 3 year old both have rapidly progressed academically. They are developing a strong love of learning and even ask to go to school on the weekend! :)

-Kristen Cassick

The staff at this school is Amazing! They are always going above and beyond for the children. They create wonderful memories and creative ways to keep our girls excited! I would highly recommend this school!

-Stephanie Grilliot

You cannot find a school that will prepare your child for academic success as well as independent thinking, as well as Montessori Prep. It is remarkable what they are able to teach such young children. Furthermore, the teachers are better with my little one than I am. Constant love and discipline, A+ school.

-Renee Williams

I love this school!!! My son is barely 4 and is reading and knows many words and songs in Spanish and Chinese as well! 
They have incredible teachers who love their students and have fabulous communication with me. I just love it!
Thank you very much for being Super AWESOME, Montessori Academy!

-Kasie Graves

Our son attended MATB from the time he was 2 1/2 until Kindergarten graduation. We had a wonderful experience. Our son loves to read, and has developed so many unique interests from his time at MATB. His teachers were so loving and really had his best interests in mind. We miss them every day and speak about them regularly. Today, thanks to them, their positive influences, and the safe and loving environment, he is particularly friendly, outgoing, and confident. We found the program at MATB to be very well rounded and it has certainly helped to shape our little boy into the admirable young person that he is today. I can’t wait to see how this foundation will guide him through his next phase of life.

-Amanda Hastings

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