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The work in the lower elementary (6-9 years) includes extensive Montessori materials, as well as other resources.


The upper elementary students (9-12 years) transition to more abstract thinking and work.

At the age of six, the child moves to what Montessori calls the Second Plane of Development, which encompasses the years from 6 to 12. Our curriculum is a blend of traditional and Montessori education.


Through individual and group lessons and the use of materials, textbooks, reference materials, computers and tablets, our students flourish.

Schools that offer this program

A National Standard Achievement Test is administered at the end of the year to kindergarten through 5th-grade students. Many have ranked in the top 10% nationally, which is a testament to the success of our unique program.  


Our Montessori Elementary curriculum provides for motivation, repetition and an opportunity to really master the subject matter.  We strive to make learning easier, exciting, interesting and fun.

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