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Enrichment and Extracurriculars

Our Enrichment Activities are designed to stimulate interest, encourage creativity and aid in developing a positive self-esteem.  


Character Development classes help our students to learn the necessary social and emotional skills, that make them lifelong learners and leaders among their peers.

Special Enrichment Activities include the following:

Student Leadership Council

Book Club

Time for Kids

Life Skills

Science Fairs

International Festivals​

​Open House

Family Day Programs
Historical Person Fairs
Mother's Day Tea


Field Day

Kindergarten Graduation

​Honors Day Programs

​Lunch/Free Play

​JA Biztown

Extracurricular Activities (which are not part of tuition fees) include the following programs:




​Individual Music Lessons


Chess Club

Spanish Club

​Chinese Club

*Please check with your particular school for the availability of   Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities.

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