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Kindergarten, The Year of Fruition

Schools that offer this program

Kindergarten is the year that the foundation of our earlier preschool experiences is visualized in terms of seeing academic and personal successes.


Students who turn 5 years of age on or before September 1st are considered to be in their kindergarten year. 


Our Kindergarten and Primary Curriculum are interrelated.  At the Kindergarten level students work with advanced hands-on materials and extended lessons in all areas of the classroom and record their work.

The end of the year Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony will astound you with students advanced reading ability and information learned from areas of our curriculum.  Their confidence in speaking, singing, reading and performing brings abundant joy to our children, parents and teachers.

Children who have not been exposed to our Primary Program also benefit from the Kindergarten Curriculum. They are able to experience hands-on learning, which helps to reinforce concepts. For a detailed description of areas of learning from Pre-K through Kindergarten, please refer to our Primary Curriculum.

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