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About Our Toddler Program

Schools that offer this program

Our Toddler program is designed to meet the special needs and tendencies of the youngest students.

The most important years of growth are the first 6 years of life, when unconscious learning is gradually brought to the conscious level.


Activities that encourage audio, visual and tactile stimulation are practiced on a daily basis.  Gross motor control and large muscle movement are an integral part of the curriculum.

The infant and toddler's needs are met with loving care and attention while all of his/her senses are stimulated to increase maximum brain potential. 


​Language activities are equally important as the child from birth to three (3) years old is in the most sensitive period of language development. 


​Our toddlers, typically, by the age of two (2) or earlier, begin to develop control and coordination of movement and self-help skills through  Practical Life exercises. 


​It's amazing what our toddlers are able to do as they imitate short little lessons with numerous hands-on equipment.

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